Simpler Life NOW: Reimagine Your Journey

Master your to-list,
achieve your goals, 
and get your life organized
once and for all.

If you're anything like most moms I know, including myself,
you've forgotten some of the passions and dreams
you once had before kids.

What if you could get back to those goals 

you want to achieve & organize your life 

by actually taking action?

Does any of this sound familiar?...

Feeling overwhelmed. You cross things off your to-do list here and there but never reach the end. You feel the demand of your time and energy weighing on your shoulders.

 Spinning your wheels. You make plans to accomplish your goals but something always comes up. You have a laundry list of unfinished tasks. You have the desire but can't seem to follow through. You're worn out.  

Losing your momentum. You feel one step behind everyone else. You start strong and then lose the motivation to see it through. You feel defeated.

Needing to simplify. You purchase lots of planners to organize your life but can't seem to find the right one to manage it all. You're worried the next thing won't work either because of past failures.  

Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above?
GOOD. You are definitely in the right spot.

Here's the thing. . .what you achieve or fail to achieve in your lifetime is directly related to what you do or fail to do.

Time plays no favorites. 

BUT you can choose your own direction.

I want you to imagine for a moment a life where you could...

Identify your purpose. You're an active participant in your own life and take control.

Revitalize your passions and goals. You make those dreams you once had a reality. You feel energized and focused about achieving your goals.

Feel less overwhelmed. You slay your to-do list again and again without feeling stressed out. Mindset and momentum keeps you going.

Think clearly about the next step to reach your goals. You follow your plan to create a life you love one step at a time. You're able to weave a busy life & dreams together. 

Easily say yes and no to the unexpected. You have a clear vision so you know when you need to say no without feeling guilty. 

You can be where you want to be.

I was 100% where you are today.

After my second son was born, I felt like a bowling ball bouncing from bumper to bumper just trying to stay focused long enough to get to the end of the lane.

The lane was the road of my life, and the bumpers were the sleepless nights, the full-time job, the laundry list of to-dos, and the overwhelming sense that I was getting nowhere with my own goals and dreams.

Life was happening to me rather than me taking full control of my life. 

I often thought to myself, "There has got to be a better way to be a wife AND mom AND still reach my own heart's desires."

So, I started my pursuit of simplifying my life to make room for my passions all the while keeping my sanity at home too.

This is when I found a way to make it work and no longer felt like that bowling ball.

Organizing my life has allowed me to focus on the bigger picture and the legacy I want to leave long after I’m gone.

Now I follow my roadmap to reach my goals which reduces my overwhelm...and I get to truly live life in the margins all the while weaving my family and passions together.


Are you ready to get your life organized so you can conquer your goals and feel less overwhelmed?

Here's the Secret

Unlike most people who buy a planner and set goals thinking it will solve all their problems, the Simpler Life Now: Reimagine Your Journey program will walk you through the step-by-step process I use to reduce my overwhelm and slay my to-do list no matter how big or small.

In this 10-week program, we'll create your Life Roadmap in 8 steps:

  • Step 1 - Understand who you really are // This is where we'll get really clear on what you value and what passions resonate with you.  
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    Step 2 - LEARN WHY MINDSET MATTERS // Most people don't think they have time for anything else. We'll learn ways we can weave our "must-dos" right alongside our "want-tos".   
  • Step 3 - WRITE YOUR PERSONAL MANIFESTO // By understanding your ideals and intentions, we'll write your personal statement in which you can use to anchor all future decisions.
  • STEP 4 - BRAINSTORM AND CREATE GOALS // Goal-writing must be deliberate or goals won't be accomplished. We'll write goals so we can actually achieve them.
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    STEP 5 - MAKE A ROADMAP YOU'LL ACTUALLY FOLLOW // Planning with the end in mind, we'll uncover all the steps to get from Point A to Point B.
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     STEP 6 - USE THE TOOL TO ORGANIZE IT ALL // No need to hack together 3 different tools. You'll learn the ONE tool I use to make sure I'm on the right track. (HINT: You take it with you almost everywhere.)   
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    STEP 7 - CONQUER THE MESSY MIDDLE MINDSET // We all get in our own way sometimes. Learn the habits it takes to be successful.
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    STEP 8 - CREATE ACCOUNTABILITY WHERE YOU NEED IT MOST // None of us is an island. We'll create a community that helps everyone involved.  

The program includes weekly LIVE classes, coaching calls, and accountability in the Facebook community. You'll also receive a workbook to help you along your journey.

As it turns out --

It’s not good enough to just have goals in your mind or even posted on the wall.

You need a systematic plan to get focused and organized so you’re working on the right things at the right time.

You’ll learn the questions to ask to make sure your decisions align with your vision along with what you need to say yes and no to.

But you may be asking, will this work for me?

This is for you if...

  • you’re overwhelmed and don’t know how to get everything done
  • life is passing you by and you haven’t reached any goals
  • you have dreams and passions you want to pursue for yourself
  • check-circle
    you know you need to simplify but don’t know where to start

It's NOT for you if...

  • your life is easy-peasy and you’re not stressed
  • you’re a goal crusher who doesn’t need any help
  • you already have your life roadmap figured out
  • times-circle
    you don’t feel in a fog or struggle with being “too busy”

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So how much does it cost?

We’re talking about your life here, which is no small thing.

What’s it worth to you to FINALLY reach your goals, master your to-list, and reduce your overwhelm while still maintaining some sort of order in your family?

Let’s look at some numbers:

#1 - Tons of planners you’ve tried and failed - $100-200

#2 - Self-help books you’ve read over the years - $100  

#3 - Hiring a Life Coach - $100-$300/hour

#4 - Seeing a therapist to deal with stress - $75-$200/session

#5 - Countless pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream - $47

After just a year of hacking together all these things, you've spent over $2,000.

Imagine learning a system that you only have to learn once. That is PRICELESS

*Because this program is in its beginning stages, when you join now, you'll become a Founding Member. This means I’m offering a large discount for you to help me make this the best program possible for all moms. 

At no other time will the price be this low. After the first run of the program, the price WILL be increasing.

You've got two choices here...

You could keep spinning your wheels and doing the same thing you've always done to reach your goals (which often leads to frustration).


You could follow my plan and learn to conquer your goals, master your to-do list, and reduce your overwhelm in a matter of weeks instead of years.

Think about where you want to be a year from now...or even ONE month from now.

​Do you have a proven plan to get there?

You can use the step-by-step process I teach in [name] to help you create your life roadmap and achieve your goals once and for all.

What will you choose?

What's included?


LIVE Classes

Each week I'll go LIVE to share the current lesson and next step of your roadmap. You are encouraged to ask questions and seek clarification when needed. 


Group Coaching Calls

Complete the homework assigned each week, and you'll join us for a coaching call where your specific questions will be answered.


Fillable/Printable Workbook

Print it out or fill it in online. The workbook will follow the flow of the course and guide you along your journey. Do the work and share with others in the group.   


Facebook Group

You don't need to work in this alone. We all work better with community. Join the group so you can ask questions, seek feedback, or receive encouragement.  


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Most Common Questions

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Who am I?

A Simple Southern Life

Hi, I’m Heather: a wife, boymom, and avid learner of cultivating a life you love. My family and I love to travel and enjoy the little moments along the way (that’s when we’re not teaching 10 and 11 year olds during the school year).

I learned not too long ago that if I didn’t start taking control of my life and figure out my own dreams and passions, life was going to pass me by, and I’d still be overwhelmed. I didn’t want to get to the end of my life and not know what legacy I was leaving behind. Thus the journey began…

While juggling all the moving parts of life, including my career, marriage, and motherhood, I realized it all hinged on how I managed my time. If I couldn’t get that right, how was I going to get anything else right, including pursuing any kind of passion?

So, I set out on a quest to read everything I could about managing my time, accomplishing my goals, and reducing my stress. This was the clarity I’d been searching for, and after some time of tweaking and changing, I figured out a system that works.

It’s not always easy, and I’m not always perfect. I still drop the ball at times and get stressed, but I put one foot in front of the other and keep going with even the smallest of steps.

I’ve conquered some fears, accomplished some goals, and simplified my life. And I want the same for you.  

Join us now and you'll receive your welcome email very shortly with your next steps.

You'll also have a chance to join the community and introduce yourself before the program begins.